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History {The Origin}



Mister Ezequiel Fernández was parish priest of Los Santos de Maimona in the early twentieth century. His involvement with the social needs of the village at that time was fundamental and his legacy still alive.


Born to humble Extremadura farmers in 1874, Ezequiel Fernández Santana, soon to be known as “The priest of Los Santos”, secretly yearned to a priest.  Without his parents’ knowledge, he communicated with Ezequiel Santana, his uncle and priest of a nearby village, on how to enter the clergy.  The advice put Ezequiel in good stead as he followed and learned career gaining a PhD. in Theology soon after his degree in Civil and Canonical law.

In 1909 he moved to Los Santos de Maimona where he took the role of the village priest and immediately set about influencing the town in many ways: local schools, banks and Agricultural unions.  He authored several scholarly articles, wrote stories and plays, developed new educational and physical activities and in doing so was honoured, in 1917, by his adopted town as their “Favourite Son”.

In 1918, upon learning of Ezequiel’s great deeds the King of Spain himself, King Alfonso XIII, named him a Knight Commander of the Civil Order for his work to culture and education.

Notwithstanding his many accolades, Ezequiel, the Priest of Los Santos bestowed one final jewel upon the peoples of Spain, a new grape variety called Eva Beba, that was the product of his learned agricultural and civic bent.  This grape was the product of many years of work in taste evolution and disease resistance to the many plagues that had blighted the local wine regions.

The Priest of Los Santos’ legacy lives on in our wines' subtle flavours and exquisite textures.

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