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Special mention deserves this grape for being a single variety. Grown exclusively at Los Santos de Maimona (Badajoz ) and surrounding region, it is known as Eva Beba, and also known as Beba of Los Santos. Their vines are charactierised for having bunches of big size, and for being these ones very compact and their grapes big, rounded and with a greenish-yellow colour. The result? Wines of excellent quality, fresh and fruity.

Everything started with the arrival of Mister Ezequiel Fernández Santana at Los Santos de Maimona (Extremadura, Spain) in 1908. Known as "the priest of Los Santos", his figure went beyond the religious environment, reaching a great importance in the agrarian world of the area. The creation and birth of the Eva Beba grape of Los Santos was one of the great innovative ideas of Mr. Ezequiel for the reconstitution of the vineyards after the attack that these ones suffered by different plagues inside the limit of the town of Los Santos in the '00, '10 and '20s of the last century. 

Eva Beba was consumed until the 70s as a table grape variety, with great commercial success in Spain .
In the 80s, it was displaced by other earlier table grape varieties until  almost total disappearance.
During the 90s and 2000s, it began to be used as wine variety, creating refreshing and aromatic wines like Semi-sweet TIARA and Dry TIARA.

Eva grapes are produced in the municipality of Los Santos de Maimona . This village is located in a valley of rounded hillocks where the deep clay lands are mostly rainfed , except for the irrrigated orchards that surround the village .The climate is mild, with short winters and hot summers. Land and climate are ideal for the production of this excellent grape variety.  

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