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Our Wines

Our wines are a complement to your celebrations. Like a jewel decorating a dress with TIARA wine you give a touch of glamour to your happiest moments.

So we wanted to represent the wine with different jewelry for you to choose the gem that most can be adapted at any time. A jewel for every situation.

Semi-sweet and Dry TIARA
Produced from Eva grapes.

The wines made from the Eva variety are pale yellow, with greenish bright hues, low alcohol as well as a very good balance between acidity and tropical and white fruit aromas. The sparkling touch of Tiara Semisweet provokes an instant freshness in the mouth, becoming a perfect wine for summertime.

Red Tiara: Tempranillo grape

Sometimes called "noble grape", the wines elaborated with this spanish grape variety are full bodied, with personality and great quality. Our wine shows an intense ruby colour known as "Red Tiara" with violet highlights. Its aroma mix red fruits, tobacco and vanilla.

Balboa Red: Tempranillo.

In the line of ' tempranillos' and evoking its name, we have created a young red wine that has turned out to be a discovery, being mouth-filling  and rich with nuances right from the start.

CAVA TERRAEVA: Macabeo and Parellada.

Today, 'cava' as designation of origin does not subscribe to an only geographical region, in fact it is a product that has a long tradition in Tierra de Barros, surprising  for its originality and quality. TERRAEVA cava stands out for its fine bubble, enduring and generous, settling in a delicate cordon on a crown shape round the edge of the glass.
'Cava' makes one of the best pairing in a marriage with appetizers. Summer is the time of year when meals tend to be lighter. This is the perfect time to discover this wine, whenever it is served at an optimum temperature (between 8 and 10º) to bring out its freshness and acidity.

Tiara Red
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Tiara Rose
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Balboa Red
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Cava TerraEva
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